There are two parts of documentation in the Bcfg2 project:

  • The wiki
  • The manual

The wiki

A python-based Trac instance is used for the Bcfg2 development website. The Wiki part of the website can be edited after you have successfully logged in. In order to login, a vaild OpenID provider is needed. Please request your access to the Wiki on the Mailing List or in the IRC Channel.

The manual

The source for the manual is located in the doc/ directory in the git repository or in the source tarball. All files are written in rst (ReStructuredText) format. Sphinx is used to build the documentation from the restructured text sources.

Building the Manual

  • For Debian (Lenny) the tools are available in the backports repository; installation can be done with the following:

    apt-get -t lenny-backports install python-sphinx
  • The needed tools for Fedora based systems are in the Fedora Package Collection; installation can be done easily with Yum:

    yum -y install python-sphinx python-docutils
  • Additionally, to build the PDF version:

  • LaTeX
  • pdftex
  • Download the source. Please refer to Installation from source for more details.

  • Build the HTML version by running the following command in the top level of the source directory. The output will appear in build/sphinx/html:

    python build_sphinx
  • Building the PDF version

    python build_sphinx --builder=latex
    cd build/sphinx/latex

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