The Svn2 plugin is useful if you would like to track changes to your bcfg2 repository using a Subversion backend. It is a rewrite of the Svn plugin using the pysvn api.

Currently, it enables you to get revision information out of your repository for reporting purposes. Once the plugin is enabled, every time a client checks in, it will include the current repository revision in the reports/statistics. If any changes are made from the bcfg2-server, the plugin will commit them back into the repositroy. For example, /usr/sbin/bcfg2-admin pull client Path /some/file will update the servers repository and commit the changes into svn.

How to enable the Svn2 plugin

Simply add Svn2 to your plugins line in /etc/bcfg2.conf:

plugins = Base,Bundler,Cfg,..,Svn2

Auto Commit feautre

Svn2 adds the ability to commit changes back into the repository. In order for this feature to work the repository should already be under version control and the user the bcfg2-server runs as must be able to commit without any interaction. For example, a file base repository url (file:///path/to/repo).

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