Source code for Bcfg2.Server.Lint.RequiredAttrs

""" Verify attributes for configuration entries that cannot be
verified with an XML schema alone. """

import os
import re
import lxml.etree
import Bcfg2.Server.Lint
import Bcfg2.Client.Tools.VCS
from Bcfg2.Server.Plugins.Packages import Apt, Yum
from Bcfg2.Client.Tools.POSIX.base import device_map
    from Bcfg2.Server.Plugins.Bundler import BundleTemplateFile
    HAS_GENSHI = True
except ImportError:
    HAS_GENSHI = False

# format verifying functions.  TODO: These should be moved into XML
# schemas where possible.
[docs]def is_filename(val): """ Return True if val is a string describing a valid full path """ return val.startswith("/") and len(val) > 1
[docs]def is_selinux_type(val): """ Return True if val is a string describing a valid (although not necessarily existent) SELinux type """ return re.match(r'^[a-z_]+_t', val)
[docs]def is_selinux_user(val): """ Return True if val is a string describing a valid (although not necessarily existent) SELinux user """ return re.match(r'^[a-z_]+_u', val)
[docs]def is_octal_mode(val): """ Return True if val is a string describing a valid octal permissions mode """ return re.match(r'[0-7]{3,4}', val)
[docs]def is_username(val): """ Return True if val is a string giving either a positive integer uid, or a valid Unix username """ return re.match(r'^([A-z][-_A-z0-9]{0,30}|\d+)$', val)
[docs]def is_device_mode(val): """ Return True if val is a string describing a positive integer """ return re.match(r'^\d+$', val)
[docs]class RequiredAttrs(Bcfg2.Server.Lint.ServerPlugin): """ Verify attributes for configuration entries that cannot be verified with an XML schema alone. """ def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): Bcfg2.Server.Lint.ServerPlugin.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs) self.required_attrs = dict( Path=dict( device=dict(name=is_filename, owner=is_username, group=is_username, dev_type=lambda v: v in device_map), directory=dict(name=is_filename, owner=is_username, group=is_username, mode=is_octal_mode), file=dict(name=is_filename, owner=is_username, group=is_username, mode=is_octal_mode, __text__=None), hardlink=dict(name=is_filename, to=is_filename), symlink=dict(name=is_filename), ignore=dict(name=is_filename), nonexistent=dict(name=is_filename), permissions=dict(name=is_filename, owner=is_username, group=is_username, mode=is_octal_mode), vcs=dict(vcstype=lambda v: (v != 'Path' and hasattr(Bcfg2.Client.Tools.VCS.VCS, "Install%s" % v)), revision=None, sourceurl=None)), Service={"__any__": dict(name=None), "smf": dict(name=None, FMRI=None)}, Action={None: dict(name=None, timing=lambda v: v in ['pre', 'post', 'both'], when=lambda v: v in ['modified', 'always'], status=lambda v: v in ['ignore', 'check'], command=None)}, ACL=dict( default=dict(scope=lambda v: v in ['user', 'group'], perms=lambda v: re.match(r'^([0-7]|[rwx\-]{0,3}', v)), access=dict(scope=lambda v: v in ['user', 'group'], perms=lambda v: re.match(r'^([0-7]|[rwx\-]{0,3}', v)), mask=dict(perms=lambda v: re.match(r'^([0-7]|[rwx\-]{0,3}', v))), Package={"__any__": dict(name=None)}, SEBoolean={None: dict(name=None, value=lambda v: v in ['on', 'off'])}, SEModule={None: dict(name=None, __text__=None)}, SEPort={ None: dict(name=lambda v: re.match(r'^\d+(-\d+)?/(tcp|udp)', v), selinuxtype=is_selinux_type)}, SEFcontext={None: dict(name=None, selinuxtype=is_selinux_type)}, SENode={None: dict(name=lambda v: "/" in v, selinuxtype=is_selinux_type, proto=lambda v: v in ['ipv6', 'ipv4'])}, SELogin={None: dict(name=is_username, selinuxuser=is_selinux_user)}, SEUser={None: dict(name=is_selinux_user, roles=lambda v: all(is_selinux_user(u) for u in " ".split(v)), prefix=None)}, SEInterface={None: dict(name=None, selinuxtype=is_selinux_type)}, SEPermissive={None: dict(name=is_selinux_type)}, POSIXGroup={None: dict(name=is_username)}, POSIXUser={None: dict(name=is_username)}) def Run(self): self.check_packages() if "Defaults" in self.core.plugins:"Defaults plugin enabled; skipping required " "attribute checks") else: self.check_rules() self.check_bundles() @classmethod def Errors(cls): return {"missing-elements": "error", "unknown-entry-type": "error", "unknown-entry-tag": "error", "required-attrs-missing": "error", "required-attr-format": "error", "extra-attrs": "warning"}
[docs] def check_default_acl(self, path): """ Check that a default ACL contains either no entries or minimum required entries """ defaults = 0 if path.xpath("ACL[@type='default' and @scope='user' and @user='']"): defaults += 1 if path.xpath("ACL[@type='default' and @scope='group' and @group='']"): defaults += 1 if path.xpath("ACL[@type='default' and @scope='other']"): defaults += 1 if defaults > 0 and defaults < 3: self.LintError( "missing-elements", "A Path must have either no default ACLs or at" " least default:user::, default:group:: and" " default:other::")
[docs] def check_packages(self): """ Check Packages sources for Source entries with missing attributes. """ if 'Packages' not in self.core.plugins: return for source in self.core.plugins['Packages'].sources: if isinstance(source, Yum.YumSource): if (not source.pulp_id and not source.url and not source.rawurl): self.LintError( "required-attrs-missing", "A %s source must have either a url, rawurl, or " "pulp_id attribute: %s" % (source.ptype, self.RenderXML(source.xsource))) elif not source.url and not source.rawurl: self.LintError( "required-attrs-missing", "A %s source must have either a url or rawurl attribute: " "%s" % (source.ptype, self.RenderXML(source.xsource))) if (not isinstance(source, Apt.AptSource) and source.recommended): self.LintError( "extra-attrs", "The recommended attribute is not supported on %s sources:" " %s" % (source.ptype, self.RenderXML(source.xsource)))
[docs] def check_rules(self): """ check Rules for Path entries with missing attrs """ if 'Rules' not in self.core.plugins: return for rules in self.core.plugins['Rules'].entries.values(): xdata = for path in xdata.xpath("//Path"): self.check_entry(path, os.path.join(self.config['repo'],
[docs] def check_bundles(self): """ Check bundles for BoundPath entries with missing attrs. """ if 'Bundler' not in self.core.plugins: return for bundle in self.core.plugins['Bundler'].entries.values(): if (self.HandlesFile( and (not HAS_GENSHI or not isinstance(bundle, BundleTemplateFile))): try: xdata = lxml.etree.XML( except (lxml.etree.XMLSyntaxError, AttributeError): xdata = \ lxml.etree.parse(bundle.template.filepath).getroot() for path in \ xdata.xpath("//*[substring(name(), 1, 5) = 'Bound']"): self.check_entry(path, # ensure that abstract Package tags have either name # or group specified for package in xdata.xpath("//Package"): if ('name' not in package.attrib and 'group' not in package.attrib): self.LintError( "required-attrs-missing", "Package tags require either a 'name' or 'group' " "attribute: \n%s" % self.RenderXML(package))
[docs] def check_entry(self, entry, filename): """ Generic entry check. :param entry: The XML entry to check for missing attributes. :type entry: lxml.etree._Element :param filename: The filename the entry came from :type filename: string """ if self.HandlesFile(filename): name = entry.get('name') tag = entry.tag if tag.startswith("Bound"): tag = tag[5:] if tag not in self.required_attrs: self.LintError("unknown-entry-tag", "Unknown entry tag '%s': %s" % (tag, self.RenderXML(entry))) return etype = entry.get('type') if etype in self.required_attrs[tag]: required_attrs = self.required_attrs[tag][etype] elif '__any__' in self.required_attrs[tag]: required_attrs = self.required_attrs[tag]['__any__'] else: self.LintError("unknown-entry-type", "Unknown %s type %s: %s" % (tag, etype, self.RenderXML(entry))) return attrs = set(entry.attrib.keys()) if 'dev_type' in required_attrs: dev_type = entry.get('dev_type') if dev_type in ['block', 'char']: # check if major/minor are specified required_attrs['major'] = is_device_mode required_attrs['minor'] = is_device_mode if tag == 'Path': self.check_default_acl(entry) if tag == 'ACL' and 'scope' in required_attrs: required_attrs[entry.get('scope')] = is_username if '__text__' in required_attrs: fmt = required_attrs['__text__'] del required_attrs['__text__'] if (not entry.text and not entry.get('empty', 'false').lower() == 'true'): self.LintError("required-attrs-missing", "Text missing for %s %s in %s: %s" % (tag, name, filename, self.RenderXML(entry))) if fmt is not None and not fmt(entry.text): self.LintError( "required-attr-format", "Text content of %s %s in %s is malformed\n%s" % (tag, name, filename, self.RenderXML(entry))) if not attrs.issuperset(required_attrs.keys()): self.LintError( "required-attrs-missing", "The following required attribute(s) are missing for %s " "%s in %s: %s\n%s" % (tag, name, filename, ", ".join([attr for attr in set(required_attrs.keys()).difference(attrs)]), self.RenderXML(entry))) for attr, fmt in required_attrs.items(): if fmt and attr in attrs and not fmt(entry.attrib[attr]): self.LintError( "required-attr-format", "The %s attribute of %s %s in %s is malformed\n%s" % (attr, tag, name, filename, self.RenderXML(entry)))