Source code for Bcfg2.Server.Plugins.Cfg.CfgLegacyInfo

""" Handle info and :info files """

import Bcfg2.Server.Plugin
from Bcfg2.Server.Plugins.Cfg import CfgInfo

[docs]class CfgLegacyInfo(CfgInfo): """ CfgLegacyInfo handles :file:`info` and :file:`:info` files for :ref:`server-plugins-generators-cfg` """ #: Handle :file:`info` and :file:`:info` __basenames__ = ['info', ':info'] #: CfgLegacyInfo is deprecated. Use #: :class:`Bcfg2.Server.Plugins.Cfg.CfgInfoXML.CfgInfoXML` instead. deprecated = True def __init__(self, path): CfgInfo.__init__(self, path) self.path = path #: The set of info metadata stored in the file self.metadata = None __init__.__doc__ = CfgInfo.__init__.__doc__
[docs] def bind_info_to_entry(self, entry, metadata): self._set_info(entry, self.metadata)
bind_info_to_entry.__doc__ = CfgInfo.bind_info_to_entry.__doc__
[docs] def handle_event(self, event): if event.code2str() == 'deleted': return self.metadata = dict() for line in open(self.path).readlines(): match = Bcfg2.Server.Plugin.INFO_REGEX.match(line) if not match: self.logger.warning("Failed to parse line in %s: %s" % (event.filename, line)) continue else: for key, value in list(match.groupdict().items()): if value: self.metadata[key] = value if ('mode' in self.metadata and len(self.metadata['mode']) == 3): self.metadata['mode'] = "0%s" % self.metadata['mode']
handle_event.__doc__ = CfgInfo.handle_event.__doc__