Source code for Bcfg2.Statistics

""" Module for tracking execution time statistics from the Bcfg2
server core.  This data is exposed by

[docs]class Statistic(object): """ A single named statistic, tracking minimum, maximum, and average execution time, and number of invocations. """ def __init__(self, name, initial_value): """ :param name: The name of this statistic :type name: string :param initial_value: The initial value to be added to this statistic :type initial_value: int or float """ = name self.min = float(initial_value) self.max = float(initial_value) self.ave = float(initial_value) self.count = 1
[docs] def add_value(self, value): """ Add a value to the statistic, recalculating the various metrics. :param value: The value to add to this statistic :type value: int or float """ self.min = min(self.min, float(value)) self.max = max(self.max, float(value)) self.count += 1 self.ave = (((self.ave * (self.count - 1)) + value) / self.count)
[docs] def get_value(self): """ Get a tuple of all the stats tracked on this named item. The tuple is in the format:: (<name>, (min, max, average, number of values)) This makes it very easy to cast to a dict in :func:`Statistics.display`. :returns: tuple """ return (, (self.min, self.max, self.ave, self.count))
def __repr__(self): return "%s(%s, (min=%s, avg=%s, max=%s, count=%s))" % ( self.__class__.__name__,, self.min, self.ave, self.max, self.count)
[docs]class Statistics(object): """ A collection of named :class:`Statistic` objects. """ def __init__(self): = dict()
[docs] def add_value(self, name, value): """ Add a value to the named :class:`Statistic`. This just proxies to :func:`Statistic.add_value` or the :class:`Statistic` constructor as appropriate. :param name: The name of the :class:`Statistic` to add the value to :type name: string :param value: The value to add to the Statistic :type value: int or float """ if name not in[name] = Statistic(name, value) else:[name].add_value(value)
[docs] def display(self): """ Return a dict of all :class:`Statistic` object values. Keys are the statistic names, and values are tuples of the statistic metrics as returned by :func:`Statistic.get_value`. """ return dict([value.get_value() for value in list(]) #: A module-level :class:`Statistics` objects used to track all #: execution time metrics for the server.
stats = Statistics() # pylint: disable=C0103