Source code for Bcfg2.Server.Lint.AWSTags

""" ``bcfg2-lint`` plugin to check all given :ref:`AWSTags
<server-plugins-connectors-awstags>` patterns for validity."""

import re
import sys
import Bcfg2.Server.Lint

[docs]class AWSTags(Bcfg2.Server.Lint.ServerPlugin): """ ``bcfg2-lint`` plugin to check all given :ref:`AWSTags <server-plugins-connectors-awstags>` patterns for validity. """ def Run(self): cfg = self.core.plugins['AWSTags'].config for entry in cfg.xdata.xpath('//Tag'): self.check(entry, "name") if entry.get("value"): self.check(entry, "value") @classmethod def Errors(cls): return {"pattern-fails-to-initialize": "error"}
[docs] def check(self, entry, attr): """ Check a single attribute (``name`` or ``value``) of a single entry for validity. """ try: re.compile(entry.get(attr)) except re.error: self.LintError("pattern-fails-to-initialize", "'%s' regex could not be compiled: %s\n %s" % (attr, sys.exc_info()[1], entry.get("name")))