Source code for Bcfg2.Server.Lint.Bundler

""" ``bcfg2-lint`` plugin for :ref:`Bundler
<server-plugins-structures-bundler>` """

from Bcfg2.Server.Lint import ServerPlugin

[docs]class Bundler(ServerPlugin): """ Perform various :ref:`Bundler <server-plugins-structures-bundler>` checks. """ def Run(self): self.missing_bundles() for bundle in self.core.plugins['Bundler'].entries.values(): if self.HandlesFile( self.bundle_names(bundle) @classmethod def Errors(cls): return {"bundle-not-found": "error", "unused-bundle": "warning", "explicit-bundle-name": "error", "genshi-extension-bundle": "error"}
[docs] def missing_bundles(self): """ Find bundles listed in Metadata but not implemented in Bundler. """ if self.files is None: # when given a list of files on stdin, this check is # useless, so skip it groupdata = self.metadata.groups_xml.xdata ref_bundles = set([b.get("name") for b in groupdata.findall("//Bundle")]) allbundles = self.core.plugins['Bundler'].bundles.keys() for bundle in ref_bundles: if bundle not in allbundles: self.LintError("bundle-not-found", "Bundle %s referenced, but does not exist" % bundle) for bundle in allbundles: if bundle not in ref_bundles: self.LintError("unused-bundle", "Bundle %s defined, but is not referenced " "in Metadata" % bundle)
[docs] def bundle_names(self, bundle): """ Verify that deprecated bundle .genshi bundles and explicit bundle names aren't used """ if bundle.xdata.get('name'): self.LintError("explicit-bundle-name", "Deprecated explicit bundle name in %s" % if".genshi"): self.LintError("genshi-extension-bundle", "Bundle %s uses deprecated .genshi extension" %