Source code for Bcfg2.Server.Lint.Genshi

""" Check Genshi templates for syntax errors. """

import sys
import Bcfg2.Server.Lint
from genshi.template import TemplateLoader, NewTextTemplate, MarkupTemplate, \
from Bcfg2.Server.Plugins.Cfg.CfgGenshiGenerator import CfgGenshiGenerator

[docs]class Genshi(Bcfg2.Server.Lint.ServerPlugin): """ Check Genshi templates for syntax errors. """ def Run(self): if 'Cfg' in self.core.plugins: self.check_cfg() if 'Bundler' in self.core.plugins: self.check_bundler() @classmethod def Errors(cls): return {"genshi-syntax-error": "error", "unknown-genshi-error": "error"}
[docs] def check_template(self, loader, fname, cls=None): """ Generic check for all genshi templates (XML and text) """ try: loader.load(fname, cls=cls) except TemplateSyntaxError: err = sys.exc_info()[1] self.LintError("genshi-syntax-error", "Genshi syntax error in %s: %s" % (fname, err)) except: err = sys.exc_info()[1] self.LintError("unknown-genshi-error", "Unknown Genshi error in %s: %s" % (fname, err))
[docs] def check_cfg(self): """ Check genshi templates in Cfg for syntax errors. """ for entryset in self.core.plugins['Cfg'].entries.values(): for entry in entryset.entries.values(): if (self.HandlesFile( and isinstance(entry, CfgGenshiGenerator) and not entry.template): self.check_template(entry.loader,, cls=NewTextTemplate)
[docs] def check_bundler(self): """ Check templates in Bundler for syntax errors. """ loader = TemplateLoader() for entry in self.core.plugins['Bundler'].entries.values(): if (self.HandlesFile( and entry.template is not None): self.check_template(loader,, cls=MarkupTemplate)