Source code for Bcfg2.Server.Plugin.base

"""This module provides the base class for Bcfg2 server plugins."""

import os
import Bcfg2.Options
from Bcfg2.Logger import Debuggable
from Bcfg2.Utils import ClassName

[docs]class Plugin(Debuggable): """ The base class for all Bcfg2 Server plugins. """ #: The name of the plugin. name = ClassName() #: The email address of the plugin author. __author__ = '' #: Plugin is experimental. Use of this plugin will produce a log #: message alerting the administrator that an experimental plugin #: is in use. experimental = False #: Plugin is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. #: Use of this plugin will produce a log message alerting the #: administrator that an experimental plugin is in use. deprecated = False #: Plugin conflicts with the list of other plugin names conflicts = [] #: Plugins of the same type are processed in order of ascending #: sort_order value. Plugins with the same sort_order are sorted #: alphabetically by their name. sort_order = 500 #: Whether or not to automatically create a data directory for #: this plugin create = True #: List of names of methods to be exposed as XML-RPC functions __rmi__ = Debuggable.__rmi__ #: How exposed XML-RPC functions should be dispatched to child #: processes, if :mod:`Bcfg2.Server.MultiprocessingCore` is in #: use. Items ``__child_rmi__`` can either be strings (in which #: case the same function is called on child processes as on the #: parent) or 2-tuples, in which case the first element is the #: name of the RPC function called on the parent process, and the #: second element is the name of the function to call on child #: processes. Functions that are not listed in the list will not #: be dispatched to child processes, i.e., they will only be #: called on the parent. A function must be listed in ``__rmi__`` #: in order to be exposed; functions listed in ``_child_rmi__`` #: but not ``__rmi__`` will be ignored. __child_rmi__ = Debuggable.__child_rmi__ def __init__(self, core): """ :param core: The Bcfg2.Server.Core initializing the plugin :type core: Bcfg2.Server.Core :raises: :exc:`OSError` if adding a file monitor failed; :class:`Bcfg2.Server.Plugin.exceptions.PluginInitError` on other errors .. autoattribute:: Bcfg2.Server.Plugin.base.Debuggable.__rmi__ """ Debuggable.__init__(self, self.Entries = {} self.core = core = os.path.join(Bcfg2.Options.setup.repository, if self.create and not os.path.exists( self.logger.warning("%s: %s does not exist, creating" % (, os.makedirs( self.running = True @classmethod
[docs] def init_repo(cls, repo): """ Perform any tasks necessary to create an initial Bcfg2 repository. :param repo: The path to the Bcfg2 repository on the filesystem :type repo: string :returns: None """ os.makedirs(os.path.join(repo,
[docs] def shutdown(self): """ Perform shutdown tasks for the plugin :returns: None """ self.debug_log("Shutting down %s plugin" % self.running = False
def set_debug(self, debug): self.debug_log("%s: debug = %s" % (, self.debug_flag), flag=True) for entry in self.Entries.values(): if isinstance(entry, Debuggable): entry.set_debug(debug) return Debuggable.set_debug(self, debug) def __str__(self): return "%s Plugin" % self.__class__.__name__