Source code for Bcfg2.Server.Plugins.Packages.Pac

""" Pacman backend for :mod:`Bcfg2.Server.Plugins.Packages` """

import tarfile
from Bcfg2.Server.Plugins.Packages.Collection import Collection
from Bcfg2.Server.Plugins.Packages.Source import Source

[docs]class PacCollection(Collection): """ Handle collections of Pacman sources. This is a no-op object that simply inherits from :class:`Bcfg2.Server.Plugins.Packages.Collection.Collection`, overrides nothing, and defers all operations to :class:`PacSource` """ def __init__(self, metadata, sources, cachepath, basepath, debug=False): # we define an __init__ that just calls the parent __init__, # so that we can set the docstring on __init__ to something # different from the parent __init__ -- namely, the parent # __init__ docstring, minus everything after ``.. -----``, # which we use to delineate the actual docs from the # .. autoattribute hacks we have to do to get private # attributes included in sphinx 1.0 """ Collection.__init__(self, metadata, sources, cachepath, basepath, debug=debug) __init__.__doc__ = Collection.__init__.__doc__.split(".. -----")[0]
[docs]class PacSource(Source): """ Handle Pacman sources """ #: PacSource sets the ``type`` on Package entries to "pacman" ptype = 'pacman' @property
[docs] def urls(self): """ A list of URLs to the base metadata file for each repository described by this source. """ if not self.rawurl: rv = [] for part in self.components: for arch in self.arches: rv.append("%s%s/os/%s/%s.db.tar.gz" % (self.url, part, arch, part)) return rv else: raise Exception("PacSource : RAWUrl not supported (yet)")
[docs] def read_files(self): bdeps = dict() bprov = dict() depfnames = ['Depends', 'Pre-Depends'] if self.recommended: depfnames.append('Recommends') for fname in self.files: if not self.rawurl: barch = [x for x in fname.split('@') if x in self.arches][0] else: # RawURL entries assume that they only have one <Arch></Arch> # element and that it is the architecture of the source. barch = self.arches[0] if barch not in bdeps: bdeps[barch] = dict() bprov[barch] = dict() try: self.debug_log("Packages: try to read %s" % fname) tar =, "r") except: self.logger.error("Packages: Failed to read file %s" % fname) raise for tarinfo in tar: if tarinfo.isdir(): self.pkgnames.add("-", 2)[0]) self.debug_log("Packages: added %s" %"-", 2)[0]) tar.close() self.process_files(bdeps, bprov)
read_files.__doc__ = Source.read_files.__doc__