The Bcfg2 ClientΒΆ

The Bcfg2 client attempts to reconcile the current configuration state with the configuration passed down from the server using various client tools. It does not perform any processing of the target configuration description. We chose this architecture, as opposed to one with a smarter client, for a few reasons:

  • Client failure forces administrators to perform an O(n) reconfiguration operation. Simpler code is easier to debug and maintain.
  • Minimize the bootstrap size; a complicated client can require more aspects of the system to function in order for reconfiguration to work.
  • Isolate configuration generation functionality on the server, where it can be readily observed. This is the most complicated task that Bcfg2 performs.
  • The results of the configuration process fit a fairly simple model. We wanted to validate it. The result is that Bcfg2 has a programmable deployment engine that can be driven by anything that writes a compatible configuration description.

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