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The Bcfg2 IRC channel is #bcfg2 on Freenode. It is home to both support and development discussions. If you have a question, suggestion, or just want to know about Bcfg2, please drop in and say hi.

Archives are available at:

in the timespan (yyyymmdd-yyyymmdd)


Administrative Note

If the IRC logging stops working for a while, coordinate on #bcfg2 and then bug feb on #irclogger (freenode), and stick around on that channel until you get an answer (feb is great, but busy and in a non-US time zone). Actually as long as ilogger2 is logged in you should be okay (feb looks at the logs).

If you have private logs for the period of time ilogger2 was off the channel, you can convert them to the will incorporate them into the online logs. Be sure to strip out any private messages in your logs first :-)

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