Bcfg2 has several server side prerequisites and a minimal set of client side requirements. This page describes the prerequisite software situation on all supported platforms. The table describes what software is needed on the client and server side.

Bcfg2 Client

Software Version Requires
libxml2 (if lxml is used) Any  
libxslt (if lxml is used) Any libxml2
python 2.4 and greater [1]  
lxml or elementtree [2] Any lxml: libxml2, libxslt, python
python-apt [3] 0.7.91 and greater python
debsums (if APT tool driver is used) Any  
python-setuptools Any  
[1]python 2.5 and later works with elementtree.
[2]elementtree is included in python 2.5 and later.
[3]python-apt is only required on platforms that use apt, such as Debian and Ubuntu.

Bcfg2 Server

Software Version Requires
libxml2 2.6.24+  
libxslt Any libxml2
python 2.2-2.7  
lxml 0.9+ lxml: libxml2, libxslt, python
gamin or inotify Any  
python-gamin or pyinotify Any gamin or inotify, python
python-ssl (note Any python, backported ssl module
python-setuptools Any  
python-genshi Any  

Bcfg2 Reporting

A webserver capabable of running wsgi applications is required for web reporting, such as Apache + mod_wsgi or nginx.

Software Version Requires
django 1.3.0+  
south 0.7.5+  

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