The second prerelease for Bcfg2 1.4.0 is now available at:

Bcfg2 1.4.0pre2 is a prerelease, and contains many new features, including some that are backwards-incompatible with Bcfg2 1.3.x and earlier. Please read the release notes thoroughly. This is a prerelease and as such is not likely suitable for general production deployment. That said, please help us test the release in non- and preproduction environments.

  • NagiosGen: Add bundles to configuration
  • HomeBrew: Initial add of plugin
  • Rules/Defaults: Add possibility to use name of entry in attributes

backwards-incompatible user-facing changes

  • Changed default communication protocol to xmlrpc/tlsv1

  • Diff output from files sent to the Reports plugin from the client will now be in a unified diff format rather than the previous n-diff format.

    This fixes potentially long client runs when comparing files that have diverged significantly.

  • The database options in the config (options and reporting_options in database section) now have to be literal python dictionaries.

    This allows to set arbitrary options with nested settings.

  • The Ldap plugin changed significantly. The configuration interface was simplified and new configuration options for the number of retries and the delay in between were added.

    You have to register your ldap queries in the global list, there is no distinction between LdapQueries and LdapSubQueries anymore, the names of your queries default to the class names and the Ldap plugin expires the metadata caches if the config file changes.


Special thanks to the following contributors for this release

  • Alexander Sulfrain
  • Matt Kemp
  • Jeremie Banier

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