Configuration Entries

The full semantics of each configuration entry is documented with the Rules plugin.

Bound Entries

This feature is a mechanism to specify a full entry at once from a bundle. Traditionally, entries are defined in two stages. First, an abstract entry is defined in a bundle. This entry includes a type (the XML tag) and a name attribute. Then this entry is bound for a client, providing the appropriate instance of that entry for the client. Specifying a bound entry short-circuits this process; the only second stage processing on Bound entries is to remove the “Bound” prefix from the element tag. The use of a bound entry allows the single stage definition of a complete entry. Bound entries can be used for any type.


   <BoundPackage name='ntp' type='deb' version='1:4.2.4p4+dfsg-3ubuntu2.1'/>


The altsrc attribute lets you remap configuration entry names on the server side so you can reuse a single concrete representation for multiple abstract entries. See altsrc for more details.

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