The Deps Plugin allows you to make a series of assertions like “Package X requires Package Y (and optionally also Package Z etc). Note that only configuration entries, like Package, Path, etc can be used. Groupings (like Bundle) are not supported.

Here are some examples:


These particular examples are not extremely useful when using the Packages plugin as Packages will handle the dependency resolution for you. However, there are certainly other use cases for the Deps plugin.


<Dependencies priority='0'>
    <Package name='bcfg2'>
        <Package name='python-lxml'/>
        <Package name='isprelink'/>

This basically causes any configuration specification that includes Package bcfg2 to include python-lxml and isprelink, in a second base clause.


<Dependencies priority='0'>
    <Package name='bcfg2-server'>
        <Package name='python-cheetah'/>
        <Package name='gamin-python'/>
        <Package name='sqlite'/>
        <Package name='python-sqlite'/>
        <Package name='Django'/>
        <Package name='mod_python'/>
        <Package name='graphviz'/>
        <Package name='xorg-x11-font-utils'/>
        <Package name='chkfontpath'/>
        <Package name='ttmkfdir'/>
        <Package name='xorg-x11-xfs'/>
        <Package name='urw-fonts'/>

This states that the bcfg2-server package (it’s a separate package on some distros) depends on a long list of other packages.

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