We are happy to announce the release of Bcfg2 1.3.4. It is available for download at:

This is primarily a bugfix release.

  • New probes.allowed_groups option to restrict group assignments
  • Bundler fixes:
    • Fix parsing XML template output with encoding declaration
  • bcfg2-lint:
    • Resolve XIncludes when parsing XML for validation
    • New TemplateAbuse plugin to detect templated scripts
    • New ValidateJSON plugin
  • bcfg2-crypt fixes:
    • Fix logic
    • Improve debugging/error handling with Properties files
    • Fix exception handling
    • Handle error when encrypting properties with multiple keys
  • Add new Augeas client tool driver:
  • Restored bcfg2-admin client add functionality
  • Migration tool fixes
  • Schema fixes
  • Add Django 1.6 support
  • Use ‘public’ default pgsql database schema
  • Refresh essential packages during Packages.Refresh
  • Allow lxml.etree XML implementation to parse very large documents
  • Support ACLs without a specific user/group
  • Explicitly close database connections at the end of each client run
  • Fix verification of symlinks

Special thanks to the following contributors for this release: Matt Baker, Simon Ruderich, Michael Fenn, Dan Foster, Richard Connon, John Morris.

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