We are happy to announce the release of Bcfg2 1.3.6. It is available for download at:

This is primarily a bugfix release.

  • Fix python 2.4 compatibility

  • Fix stale lockfile detection and behavior

  • Reporting: fix filter urls

  • Fix client protocol option handling

  • YUM: Add options to enable and disable Yum plugins

  • Packages: add name to sources

  • Reporting: better exception handling

  • Various interrupt handling fixes

  • Fix client decision whitelist/blacklist handling

  • Fix database OPTIONS parsing

    This change requires you to set the options value of the [database section in bcfg2.conf to the literal value which is passed through to the django OPTIONS setting.

  • SYSV: change instances of simplename to simplefile

    Previous configurations can be updated using the migration tool.

  • Authentication: Reject passwd auth, if authentication is set to “cert”

  • Server/Core: drop privileges even if not running as daemon

  • Packages/ Fix dependency resolution logic

  • Handle filesystem secontexts properly for contextless filesystems

Special thanks to the following contributors for this release: Michael Fenn, Matt Kemp, Alexander Sulfrian, Jonathan Billings, Ross Smith.

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